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Australia has the highest rates of bowel cancer in the world.

Screening for bowel cancer is quick, easy and pain free.
75% of people who get bowel cancer DO NOT have a family history of the disease.
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Why you should stick it to no. 2

Bowel cancer is Australia’s No.2 cancer killer BUT up to 90% of cases can be prevented through early detection.

Screening can find changes before they become cancer.

Am I eligible for a free screening kit?

The National Bowel Cancer Screening Program sends out free screening kits to eligible people between 50 and 74 years.

To find out about replacement kits call 1800 627 701.

Got the kit, how do I use it?

Embarrassment and uncertainty stops many West Australians from using their screening kit.

Click the link below to watch a video on how easy and pain free it really is.

Share your survivor story

We need your help to spread the word about early detection and prevention for bowel cancer.

If you’ve had a positive screening test and would like to share your experience, we’d love to hear from you.

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What people are saying

After a test returned a positive result, Mr Bartley had two pre-cancerous polyps removed. “It’s about getting people to take an interest in looking out for themselves - everyone gets a kit when they turn 50, so people need to make sure they use them.”

A Bartley, Wembley.

I was shocked when the FOBT result led to the diagnosis of a ‘cancerous spot’ which doctors said could have been lurking on my bowel wall for up to two years. Fortunately key-hole surgery removed it all and I was back on the golf course within 6 weeks. ‘By doing that test it has definitely saved my life.’

R Lockhart, North Beach.

I cannot stress strongly enough how important this screening is. It literally has saved my life. I was diagnosed without any signs or symptoms so if I’d waited until signs and symptoms occurred I would have had a much harder battle to fight.

D Porteous, Mt Nasura.